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Sometimes the World Just Loves You

Minipadfoot: A small plastic "Padfoot/Sirius" toy that came in a Harry Potter action figure pack.

Minipadfeet: More than one Minipadfoot.

Unique Characteristics: Minipadfoot/feet are remarkable! They are very good luck charms, and have been known to help you get through any exam (even scary final exams worth 60% of your grade!). They are all in all wonderful friends to have. It's kind of like the Anti-Grim.

Natural Habitat: THe natural habitat of any Minipadfoot is inside your backpack/purse/pocket. Anywhere that you can put your Minipadfoot so that it is always with you. Be careful not to lose your Minipadfoot because if misplaced (like my original) it will be scooped up within five minutes and you will NEVER see it again.

Minipadfoot loves. . .
-Getting his pictures taken!! Take a pictures of your Minipadfoot EVERYWHERE.
-Going to Disneyland (or the beach, or bowling)!
-Sitting quietly by your computer.
-Meeting other Minipadfoots and thus becoming Minipadfeet! They are very social creatures, although they often befriend the socially inept.

love always, Ashley
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