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ihugwerewolves's Journal

Have you hugged your werewolf today?
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Welcome to ihugwerewolves! Home of the discerning fangirl ie several extremely odd people obsessed with Harry Potter and the Marauders in particular. We are insane. But we do not bite (because that is rude and improper!) But we are not without reason. We are also elitist little snobs, so. XD

alliteration, angua, animagi, bad puns, baking, being a corrupting influence, being angry with peter, being dorks, being fangirls, being/hating morning people, billy joel, books, branding, british slang, calamari, camels, campaign against netspeak, canon, caps lock, casting our own marauders, celestial navigation, chocolate, classic films, clothing we can't afford, comments, costumes, crack harry potter theories, creative parties, crowley, cynicism, dancing bread feet, death by vending machine, decoupaging, demoting rafiki, dodger the hit dog, dumbledore=giant squid, each other's music, evil laughs, expressing emotion through text, fictional characters, finding mrsluciusmalfoywereleopard on aim, finding plot holes, flip flops, freedom, full moons, giant squid, giving nicknames, glitter, glitter in envelopes, group hugs, harry potter, hating/worshipping scarlett o'hara, hermione, howling, humus, ickle lupin, icons, ignoring creepy shippers, iharthdarth, insanity, interpretive dance, ipods, james potter, jedous, johnny depp as sirius, johnny depp in general, knitting/crocheting, latin words, laughing at fanon, laughing at girly princes, leaving chs, lecturing/being lectured about procrastination, lists (like duh), living in a bubble, loitering in bookstores, lupin/angua, lupinlets, making fun of fangirls, making soundtracks, manflesh, manifest destiny, manslaves, mini padfeet, mini padfoot, mr. darcy, mwhahahaooooooooo, not stalking, obsessions coming full circle, odd aim conversations, organization, ot3, paparazzi like antics, personal space, pictures of mini padfoot, pirates, plate of wonder, posters, pot luck weddings, pretentious jedi luke, procrastinating online, quoting movies, rashica, real lols, remembering to call, remixes, remus lupin, respecting authors, roxors, rum, sarcasm, scaring/scarring people in malls, scones, secretly reading fanfic, shiny things, simon and garfunkel, sirius black, sirius denial, skirts, slogans, slutterpuff, smuggling contraband gum, snarky banter, social ineptitude, sporking, squares game, squidlets, stalking, swishing, swishy capes, swords, tara the were-pom, target bucket, the beatles, the black pearl, the marauders, the marauders map, the scary store, the word quaxed, theme songs, tigerbutter fudge, traveling by pink bubble, wand certificates of authenticity, weasley redheaded werewolves, weddings in tacky locations, weirdness in general, wereleopards, werewolves, wicked, wolves only highways, world o college