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'Cause, it won't be long, till you need, somebody to lean on~

Umm, also, because I want to write, here is mini!fanfic meme thingie, I will try my hand at it.

Give me a character or two(that I'm familiar with - any books/movies you know I've read/seen) and a word/phrase, and I will write you one line of fic here.

... Posting this here because I want to do and am afraid to put it on my regular journal because of possibility of being scorned (by the other swans XD) even though I know that is highly unlikely.

To make this semi-official: the werewolf shirts were brought into the world tonight! They gained many admirers and gave us much amusement. Huzzah. Must spread the word!

Have You Hugged YOUR Werewolf Today?
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